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Making Attraction Last For Women

Studies Have Shown These Common Traits Among Women With Successful Long Term Happy Relationships

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Laughing is not only proven to be healthy and a part of healing, but it’s also the kind of positive interaction that makes your significant other feel like you like them. Sincere laughter is what we’re talking about here, not faking it for every dumb joke they make, and it’s best when you can laugh together. What if you love someone and they just aren’t funny? We’re not telling you to laugh at them, laugh with them. Find opportunities to share joy!



You’re allowed your sad moments, but positive people attract others. If your problems are getting the best of you, become part of the solution. Positive thinking and positive thinkers lift up their partners and give a sense of hope.


Be Adventurous

This life is the life you have. Don’t waste it on a sofa! Get out and show some spontaneity! Your relationship will feel fresh and renewed when you start experiencing new and exciting things together. Science shows that adrenaline inducing activities create stronger bonds among couples, so use this to your advantage.



We recognize compassion in others as proof of kindness. Showing your compassionate side will show your significant other than you’re capable of caring about them and build trust. Volunteering for a good cause is an easy way to do this!


Free Thinking

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Becoming your own person and setting your own goals is not only good for you and your personal mental health, but it’s attractive to the right people. A healthy relationship is one that both partners contribute to, not one overbearing the other. Thinking for yourself and reaching your own goals shows that you can be a healthy part of a solid relationship built out of desire, not need. Yes, some people are looking for a weaker partner and free thinkers are a turn-off for them. But ask yourself if that’s who you want to attract in your life?


Good Listeners
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Everyone likes to be heard, and being heard goes a long way to making us feel cared about. Your partner is no exception. Taking the time to pay attention to your partner’s news, both good & bad, while offering words of encouragement, will help solidify your position as the go-to person in their life.


Making attraction last between partners is an obtainable goal. Remember why you were interested in your partner to begin with, and use that for your motivation to bring your best self to the relationship. If you’re currently not in a relationship, practicing these characteristics will help you to attract the kind of person you want to be with.